Agistri is an island of the Argosaronic, the largest of the small islands between Aegina and the Epidaurus of the Peloponnese. It belongs to the Prefecture of Attica and is located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf. There are four villages on the island: Megalohori or Mylos (island country), Skala (the natural harbor that approaches the ferry boats from Piraeus / Aegina), Limenaria and Metohi. The island has a daily ferry connection with Piraeus. The duration of the ferry trip is 2 hours while with the dolphin 55 minutes. In ancient texts, as Pliny and other ancient historians say, such as Thucydides and Diodorus, Agistri was called Kekryfalia meaning "ornate head". Although there have not been archaeological excavations on the west coast of the island, there are submerged in the sea, antiquities and relics of prehistoric settlements. Here is the tomb of the Armatoulos Mithromaras (1772), a leader in the Orlofiane, who resorted and died on the island on February 15, 1772. It was then that the Turks killed all of his agonists and sold the women as slaves except for his wife was acquired. From the island came the fighter of the revolution of 1821, John Agistrioti, who fought in various battles until 1825.

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