The extraordinary beauty, cultural wealth and great diversity of Greece coastal areas have made them the preferred destination for many holidaymakers in Europe and abroad, making coastal and maritime tourism an important coastal areas sector. Coastal tourism refers to land-based tourism activities including swimming, surfing, sun bathing and other coastal recreation activities taking place on the coast for which the proximity to the sea is a condition including also their respective services. Maritime tourism refers to sea -based activities such as boating, yachting, cruising, nautical sports as well as their land-based services.

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A place untouched by human.

This island comes third in size comparing to the islands around Samos and it’s located literally one step away from the mainland of the famous summer destination. The shallow waters have an amazing light blue color. It is very safe and easy to…

Moni is a beautiful island with lush vegetation without inhabitants, only deer, small horses, wild boar, peacocks, pheasants and squirrels that come close to you to feed them. Its beaches have deep, clean waters, suitable for underwater fishing.

In the past the beach was used by nudes mainly, but recently it became popular and all tourists occupy it.

Located on the east coast of Sithonia, Portokali Beach or Orange Beach, as they also call it, lies somewhere between Sarti and Vourvourou. Its original name in Greek is Kavourotripes

The islet is located on the northern side of Karpathos.