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Best 15 Laconian beaches

Our team found and present to you the 15 best beaches of Lakonia. Enjoy ? ! 1. Simos Beach, Elafonisos https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/simos-and-sarakinikos-beach…/ 2. Panagia Beach, Kastania https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/panagia-kastania-beach-lako…/ 3. Almyro Beach, Mani https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/item/almyro-beach-mani-lako…/ 4. Valtaki Beach, Gythio https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/valtaki-beach-gythio-lakoni…/ 5. Pouda Beach, Vigklafia https://www.mygreekheart.com/en/item/pounta-beach-lakonia-2/ 6. Plitra Beach, Monemvasia https://www.mygreekheart.com/en/item/plitra-beach-lakonia-2/ 7. Neapoli Beach https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/item/neapoli-beach-lakonia-2/ 8. Gerolimenas Beach, Mani https://www.mygreekheart.com/…/gerolimenas-beach-mani-lako…/ 9. Panagia […]

Tsipouro and Tsikoudia : treasures of the Greek land

Tsipouro and tsikoudia distillates have long history, starting in ancient times according to Isiodos (7th century BC), Hippocrates and Aristotle (5th and 4th century BC, respectively) and in Egypt during Hellenistic (Alexandrian) years. Their distillation process was further developed during Byzantine years by Greek monks on Mount Athos, Constantinople, and Smyrna. Qualified by geographical indication […]